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Room Options

There are two room options for our students. They can choose either double or single rooms.

Shower / Toilet

All rooms have a private bath.

Central Heating and Hot Water

The Student Village is centrally heated with natural gas system, and 24 hour hot water is also available.

   Room Furnishings

   Each student staying in the village has a bed, sheets, undersheet, bedding, pillows, pillow cases, quilts and pique.


Room Furniture

For each student a desk, book case, wardrobe, bed, swivel chair, armchair (in single rooms), shoe cupboard, mini refrigerator and telephone are available in each room as standard equipment

Room Cleaning

Rooms are cleaned by permanent and regular workers once a week.



All the blocks have a kitchen, and in the kitchen there is a kitchen counter, kitchen cabinet, dining table and chairs, a microwave oven, electric cooker, chimney hood, toast machine and electric kettle.


Study Room 
All the blocks have a study room, and in the study rooms study tables and chairs are available.


Rest Room
All the blocks has a rest room. Bean Bag chairs and a television are available in the rest rooms.


Laundry Room
Sufficient number of washing and drying machines in the launderettes are available.

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